You’ve made your plans and you’re ready to make the move. That dreaded day is looming. Moving day! Are you freaking out? Your stuff is staring back at you, you have too many things, you’ll never finish in time. Packing your belongings, and basically, your entire life can be a daunting task. Moving is hard but there are many ways to make it easier. The key is preparation! Below are some tips to make your move less stressful and easier, whether you are moving long distance or locally.

Local & Long Distance Moving Tips

  • Don’t Procrastinate. This seems simple but getting started is definitely the hardest part. If you aren’t hiring our professional packers, we suggest you start packing a few boxes a day. You can start with items that are not essential to your everyday life. You can be organized and not overwhelmed if you pack over time. Don’t stress yourself out and pack early.
  • Know what you can pack. Federal law forbids you to ship hazardous materials in your household goods boxes and/or luggage without informing your mover. Here are some examples of what not to pack:
      • Flammables
      • Aerosols
      • Ammunition
      • Fire Wood
      • Open Alcohol Containers (sealed wine bottles, etc. are okay)
      • Candles
      • Jewelry
      • Money in any form
      • Open Liquids (e.g. partially used soap products)
  • Pack room-by-room. When you focus on one room at a time, it isn’t as overwhelming and will help when you unpack.
  • Use the right material. Labels, packing paper, and bubble wrap are the way to go. Using newspaper could result in it bleeding into your possessions. Use the right size carton. Pack heavy items in small cartons, lighter and bulkier items in larger cartons.
  • Moving Valuables. If you have valuable family heirlooms, don’t let anyone pack it. Instead, you should personally transport those with you, together with important papers, legal documents and other valuables you hold dear.
  • Downsize. Get rid of unnecessary items. Part ways with unwanted items, have a garage sale or donate them. If you have an excess amount of items you just can’t part ways with, we do offer storage services.
  • Take photos of the back of your electronics. This will help when you are setting them up in your new home.

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