Rulon Jenson
CEO - Corporate Director

Rulon Jenson grew up on the Central Coast of California and has lived in San Diego since 1975. He graduated from San Diego State University and is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). After several years serving as the accountant for Aztec Moving & Storage, he acquired the company from the retiring owners in 1994. Rulon has served on the board of several nonprofit organizations and continues to volunteer his time to various charities. In 2001, he organized the Aztec Warrior Foundation, working with the San Diego State Alumni Association on the restoration of the University’s mascot.  He and his wife Jagjit have four children and seven grandchildren.

Enrique Ulloa
COO - Corporate Director

Enrique Ulloa grew up in the Imperial Valley of California before he and his family moved to San Diego in 1988. As one of nine children, Enrique and several of his siblings began working in the moving industry out of high school. After a successful career involving stints at Bekins Van Lines and Alexanders Agent for Atlas Van Lines, where he worked his way to crew chief and driver, Enrique started his own moving company in 2006. Working with two brothers and one sister, he soon established himself as a prime military contractor for several small San Diego East County moving companies. In 2010, he and one of his clients, Aztec Moving & Storage, merged their operations as Enrique acquired a significant ownership interest and became the company’s Chief Operating Officer. His family-run crews continue as Aztec Moving & Storage’s primary contractors/employees.

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Why Choose Aztec Moving?

What makes us different? In a word – Quality! We are a small, family-owned moving company that has operated under the same ownership since 1994. Our professional crews are headed by family members who have been in the industry all of their adult lives and pride themselves in providing you, our customer, with a stress-free experience. We will safely pack, move, and temporarily store your household goods if necessary. We provide you the peace of mind in knowing that your family’s possessions are safe. We treat your furniture like it was our own. If you are moving out of San Diego County, the hauling portion of your move will be handled by an international carrier. They are the nation’s number one mover in terms of customer satisfaction in the most recent GSA survey.  

The History of Aztec Moving

Aztec Moving & Storage was founded by Vince and Jackie Simons in 1983.  From the beginning, three generations of family members worked in the business, with the grandfather Vince and his nephew driving the big-rig trucks. Jackie and their daughter managed the office and day-to-day operations. One of the grandsons worked in the warehouse to complete the three generations. Furthermore, their nieces and nephews worked the packing and moving crews. Upon the Simons’ retirement in 1994, their long-time accountant Rulon Jenson acquired the company and continues to operate it to this day. In 2007, Enrique Ulloa, a long-time contractor for the company, joined the business as co-owner and operations manager. Continuing the tradition of family operations, Mr. Jenson’s wife, niece, and nephew, and Mr. Ulloa’s three brothers, his sister and a sister-in-law all work in various capacities within the company.

Aztec Moving & Storage was an agent for American Red Ball Transit Co. and this affiliation continued from inception until 2008. In addition to local and long-distance moving services, the company had always been a contractor for the US Military. They helped military families pack, move, and store their belongings when transferring into, and out of, San Diego County. In 2000, the company obtained its interstate license as a 48-state Motor Carrier and was approved to be a Transportation Service Provider (TSP) for the Department of Defense (DOD) Personal Property Program. As a TSP, the company had a more robust military presence. In 2008, they expanded their operations to the entire state of California and operate trucks throughout the seven western states. Aside from the expansion, our primary focus continues to be moving and storage services within San Diego County and throughout the state of California.

In April 2016, the company expanded and relocated from Santee, CA to our current warehouse location in El Cajon, CA. The new warehouse increased our storage capacity tenfold and now exceeds 2.5 million pounds of household goods. Some of our current storage accounts include the Boy Scouts Winter Fundraiser, the annual Girl Scouts cookie sales drive, and the logistics for Home Depot Contractors (windows and doors). The warehouse is DOD approved and is inspected bi-annually to ensure compliance with all government regulations and requirements.  We also operate the only Public Scale in the East County of San Diego.